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Dr. Liu was very friendly and listened to my issues with my back. What he recommended is exactly what I wanted to investigate my back isssues to determine the right treatment. Dr. Lui seems very well versed in spine issues. So glad I was referred to him and his staff was very courteous.

» Tammy B.

One of the few doctors who take time to explain the issues to you in great details with good patience. Thank you!

» Miao Q.

Dr. Liu was great, very nice and helpful.

» Cathy D.

Dr. Liu is absolutely the best in his class, hands down. I have been with him for at least seven pain free years

» Victor R.

Dr. Liu is a wonderful doctor the staff that he have that works with him are great to the secretaries and the nurses there are very understanding welcoming and so respectful it is a family-friendly environment if you have to come there with your children they are so understanding this is a place where you are really taking care of physically and mentally respected all the way around the board and if you are looking for a place to really heal and get better this is the place for you. My Doctor?

» Jinnie Martinez